BlenderRenders acquired by RenderStreet

We are proud to announce that, starting with April 26th, 2013, BlenderRenders has been acquired by RenderStreet – the most user-recommended cloud render farm for Blender and Modo. Being part of the RenderStreet family means that you are going to have more benefits. Among these, worth mentioning are:

  • Fast blender releases: usually within a day of the official release
  • Support for all Blender versions, starting with 2.67 up to 2.79
  • Support for Modo versions 902 up to 11.2v1
  • Automated bake support for all physics
  • Texture bake support
  • Support for the Filmic color space
  • Screaming fast servers with dual E5-series Xeon CPUs and quad NVidia Grid¬†GPUs
  • Various ways of uploading and downloading the assets/renders, including from cloud accounts
  • Cost effective plans, including an unlimited rendering option with monthly payment

If you had a BlenderRenders account, please register with RenderStreet and ask their support for a $25 signup bonus.