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Since BlenderRenders has been acquired by RenderStreet, all inquiries should be directed to RenderStreet’sĀ  customer support. In order to get in touch with them, please go to their site and use the contact form there.

If you need to contact BlenderRenders previous owners, please get in touch with RenderStreet’s support as well and your inquiry will be forwarded to them.

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BlenderRenders FAQ

FAQs about BlenderRenders aquisition by RenderStreet

Q: How much money changed hands?
A: The amount is confidential and will not be disclosed

Q: Who is RenderStreet?
A: RenderStreet is a the most recommended render farm dedicated to Blender users. They offer professional-level support for Blender rendering as well as best-in-class performance.

Q: What’s in it for me?
A: All BlenderRenders users have been offered a signup bonus for RenderStreet. Just refer to the mails received from BlenderRenders and request the bonus from the RenderStreet support.

Have more questions? Head to the RenderStreet site and get in touch with their support team.

Rendering Price Estimator

Providing a price estimate for a rendering job is always a difficult undertaking. Unfortunately, there is no real way to predict how much a job will take to render, unless you have intimate knowledge about that job. And even when you have that knowledge, it’s still a lot of guesswork involved.

Since it’s so difficult to predict the time it will take a project to render, the guys at RenderStreet, the company that acquired BlenderRenders, have been kind enough to offer a signup bonus to our users, so they can test their renders and try to estimate how long they will take.

With this approach, the estimate is relatively simple: just render a few frames from your animation, with average render times, and extrapolate from there. For example, if a frame takes 50 seconds to render and you have 500 of them in your project, it’ll take about 7 server-hours to render the entire project. From there, based on the membership level you have at RenderStreet, you can figure out how much it will cost.

As for the rendering time, that depends on how many servers you get allocated, which is a function of your membership level as well. They are usually completed very fast, even for users at the Bronze level.

Check our RenderStreet pricing.

BlenderRenders Pricing

BlenderRenders used to have one of the best prices for online blender rendering. The pricing is comparable with what RenderStreet, the company that acquired BlenderRenders, has.

RenderStreet has a single pricing model, by server hour for the on-demand plan. They felt that providing easy-to-understand pricing was a sign of respect for the customer and decided only to use such a price. Their price varies between $3 and $4.49 (for CPU and respectively GPU servers), depending on the membership level you get with them. There is also a fixed-fee, unlimited rendering option available with the RenderStreet One program.

The servers RenderStreet uses are very fast. For CPU based rendering, they use dual Xeon servers, for a total of 32 to 56 render threads. They use Nvidia A10 GPUs (16 GB RAM) or better servers for GPU-based rendering.

Check our their prices.

BlenderRenders Features

As of end of April, BlenderRenders has been acquired by RenderStreet. They have an impressive list of features:

  • Fast GPU Rendering for Cycles and Eevee
  • Always latestĀ Blender versions
  • Eevee rendering for Blender 2.80 and up
  • Realtime preview of rendered frames – for animations
  • Image splitting, rendering on multiple servers, then automatically stitching – for still images
  • Automatic preview of renders for LuxCoreRender
  • Powerful servers: Dual E5 series Xeon with 32/36 threads for CPU rendering / Fast NVidia GPUs with 16GB RAM each
  • Intelligent allocation of servers to job, to minimize the render time for all project sizes
  • Large batch rendering and automation capabilities for various workloads: generate compute learning training models, render NFTs, scientific data visualisation and more

Check out the RenderStreet features.

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