BlenderRenders Features

As of end of April, BlenderRenders has been acquired by RenderStreet. They have an impressive list of features:

  • Fast GPU Rendering for Cycles and Eevee
  • Always latest Blender versions
  • Eevee rendering for Blender 2.80 and up
  • Realtime preview of rendered frames – for animations
  • Image splitting, rendering on multiple servers, then automatically stitching – for still images
  • Automatic preview of renders for LuxCoreRender
  • Powerful servers: Dual E5 series Xeon with 32/36 threads for CPU rendering / Fast NVidia GPUs with 16GB RAM each
  • Intelligent allocation of servers to job, to minimize the render time for all project sizes
  • Large batch rendering and automation capabilities for various workloads: generate compute learning training models, render NFTs, scientific data visualisation and more

Check out the RenderStreet features.

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